Your story is amazing, unique to you, and there are people who want to hear it. But it lives on in your head without seeing the light of day. This is where Living Legends Media comes in.

All it takes is a series of short online interviews, and our talented team of writers, editors, and designers can take your story and turn it into a book, audio recording, or video, adding photos, music, and more. Whether it’s a precious piece of family history or a tale of inspiration and overcoming obstacles, your story DESERVES to be told, and Living Legends Media wants to help you make it happen!

How It Works

Who is a Living Legends Media project for?

Living Legends Media is for anyone who has a story to tell! Whether you want to share information about your life, create a tribute for a loved one in your family for future generations, or have a story to tell about your experiences and discoveries, a Living Legends Media project is for you! You’re probably wondering how to get started. Our process is simple and straightforward:

1. Contact us

Fill out the contact form below and we will get in touch to learn about your unique project, go over the process for telling your story, and give you detailed information about pricing options and next steps.

2. Online interviews

Once you’ve decided to move forward with your project, we’ll send you a list of questions about your story. Once you have chosen what you want to talk about and added any questions of your own, we will schedule an initial online interview to draw up an outline of your content and set a schedule. After that, we will work with you to complete the set of interviews for your project, and then our team will go to work!

3. We create and build your story

Once we have your interviews completed and have received your photos and any other information you have chosen to include, we will edit, produce, and publish your finished project.

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Contact Us

Let’s talk about your project and get your story started!